Is it Worth to Write in a Blog?

Some time ago I checked the comments menu on the blog, there are a number of new comments waiting to be moderated. I deliberately activated comment moderation so that new comments would not appear automatically, I selected in the incoming comments. If there is a comment that contains hidden advertisements or spam, I am unlikely to approve it.

There is a new comment that caught my attention. The comment writer did not provide any clues regarding his identity, through the comments he wrote, he expressed his curiosity. Is the blog that I write crowded with visitors and what is my motivation for writing on this blog. Lastly, he asked whether the activity of writing and sharing tutorials that I made on this blog was fun. 

This is the first time I get a question like that on a blog, usually comments that come in are more often spam. Through this post, I will answer your curiosity.

My Blog Traffic

I monitor visitor traffic to this blog through a number of tools: Google Analytics, as well as the default Blogger Stats menu. The two tools show different numbers but are in almost the same range. On Google Analytics today until around 20.40 I get 176 blog visitors. Most visitors, around 10-11 pm, at that time I posted a new article. Through Google Analytics, it can also be seen that the average duration of my web visitor's session is 1 minute 29 seconds, which means that visitors only stop here briefly. The content that I create can still be said to have not attracted the interest of visitors so they don't want to linger here.

Meanwhile, when I checked Blogger Stats, I found that today my blog had received 296 visits. Yes, that's right, ardhi. web. id was originally a blog on Blogger which I then attached to a domain to make it look more professional.

Actually there is one more tool that I use, but I won't reveal it here :). Back again, with the number of views 176-296, in my opinion, this blog is still at the bottom of the standings, not to the point where it can be said to be mediocre.

I think today's blogs are not the same as 10 or 15 years ago, nowadays blogs can indeed be said to be second-class citizens. The popularity of video services has made blogging more desirable. The times when blogs were the first choice seem to have passed. If you want a busy and viral blog now, maybe there should be dramas and controversies first like what the buzzers do. Well, but what's the meaning of being viral and full of controversy, it's more important to enjoy the blogging experiences.

My Motivation 

I started getting to know the blogs since high school, at which time internet access was not yet a primary need like it is now. At that time, several good and well-known blogs appeared, one of which belonged to Raditya Dika - the blog for the male goat, whose blog no longer exists. My hobby, which is compatible with blogging media, namely reading, makes this blog look interesting to me.

Until then I was in college, I created my first blog. Actually, I forgot to make a blog the first time it was high school or college. The beginning of ardhi. web. id was when I was in college. I previously created a blog on WordPress, and then also created on the Blogger service which is now owned by Google. Around the 2000 - 2010s decade you could say the heyday of blogging, blogs were often discussed at least in the campus world where I was involved at that time. And then I finally found out that blogger can add a domain. I then bought the ardhi. web. id domain, at that time the .id domain was sold early. I bought this .web. id domain for 25 thousand for one year, very cheap compared to current prices. One of my goals for installing the domain at that time was to make the blog that I created look more professional.

Several times the ardhi. Web. Id domain was inactive because I didn't renew it, until finally it's still there. The reason why I'm still actively writing, mainly because it's a hobby. This is my means of self-actualization, demonstrating the existence of *ups, and obtaining inner satisfaction. Through this blog, I also get new experiences. One of them was the chance to meet Agus Mulyadi, who is now well-known. He used to be one of my mecca in the world of blogs.


If you pay attention, a lot of my writing on this blog is in the form of coding tutorials and the world of IT. Through these writings, I try to share knowledge as well as for my personal notes if one day I need technical assistance in coding, if someone forgets, all they have to do is read the notes on the blog. Maybe you have a question, have this blog come with financial profit? I definitely answer no. Yes, the difference between the effort expended and the results economically when compared is very uneven. Therefore, I emphasize, the intention of sharing knowledge is just sharing knowledge, AdSense matters or whatever is number two. God willing, the economic benefits will follow along with the improvement in the quality of the writing and the efforts of the authors to share their writing with spam. Don't hope for money, at least it can provide brotherhood with other blogger.

Is it fun to share through the blog? For me, who has a hobby and interest in this field, writing articles and sharing knowledge through these articles on the blog is fun. I will continue to write new articles, I hope the articles I wrote are useful.

How, are you also interested in writing on the blog?


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