KDE Plasma 6.0 Alpha Released

Qt based desktop environment, KDE Plasma release it's new alpha release version 6.0. The final release of KDE Plasma 6.0 scheduled for February 2024. Plasma 6 integrates the latest version of Qt, Qt6, and KDE Framework. Looks like their legendary cube effect will come back.

What's New

  • The Wayland session is now the default in SDDM
  • Files and folders are now selected with a single-click and opened with a double-click
  • Enable touchpad tap-to-click by default on Wayland
  • "Thumbnail Grid" is the new Task Switcher style. Plasma 5's former default "Breeze" Task Switcher has been renamed to "Sidebar"
  • Clicking on the scrollbar track now scrolls to the clicked location
  • Scrolling on the desktop no longer switches virtual desktops
  • The keyboard shortcut used to open the Activity Switcher has been changed to Meta+A
  • Use Floating panel by default
  • App launchers in the Traditional Task Manager no longer disappear when launched
  • Redesign panel settings with a dialog

  • Implement majority of the settings re-organization

You can download KDE Neon unstable to try Plasma 6.0 or wait until Plasma 6.0 reach stable version and packaged in major distros.


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