How to Extract Pdf Pages in Linux

We can extract pages(s) from a pdf file using a tool named qpdf on Linux. Here is how I do this task, for your information I use Ubuntu 22.04.

Check whether you have qpdf installed on your machine. If you don't have it, install it first using command

sudo apt install qpdf

To extract a page from a pdf file, execute this command at terminal

qpdf --pages path_file_input page_number -- path_file_input path_file_output

For example, I have a pdf file at /tmp/input.pdf and I want to get the second page only and save the output at /tmp/output.pdf. This is the command to get that task done

qpdf --pages /tmp/input.pdf 2 -- /tmp/input.pdf /tmp/output.pdf

How if you need to extract a range of pages?
Of course you can. For example I'll extract page 2 until 5 from /tmp/input.pdf, this is the spell

qpdf --pages /tmp/input.pdf 2-5 -- /tmp/input.pdf /tmp/output.pdf


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